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Post by hildebrand » February 2015

What's up?

Games you are playing?

I'm currently freezing my balls off, playing sports/staying active, and watching a bunch of twitch streams. Actually thinking about getting a new computer to start my own stream. 2GBRAM4LYFE.

Hearthstone is my game of choice right now. Casual and fun to watch.

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Re: So...

Post by cassinoroyale » February 2015

sup ben!

i was playing CSGO competitively but had to stop due to a job promotion. lol. then i bult myself a new rig (thanks to ward's tips) and i have been playing a lot of new gen games on the PC like shadow of mordor, far cry 4, ac:unity, wolfstein new order. i'm dying to play GTA V and batman:ak with cool graphics but they will be only released by Q2, which is good in the end as i have around 4-5 hours a week to play games nowadays... haha

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