GotFrag on the Wayback Machine

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GotFrag on the Wayback Machine

Post by riverhawk » January 2018

I was going through GotFrag on the Wayback Machine and it's great for nostalgia:*/

It's pretty shoddy on what threads or pages work and which ones don't, but you can still get enough screenshots to load to go down memory lane. I have still never found another game that had the shit talking hyper competitive culture of DoD. It was small enough to recognize most people by their handle and have a small town like effect, but big enough where there was almost always something going on and usually enough teams and activity to have a decent sized league or find a scrim.

I tried to track down one of the guys who was involved in the backend, found a reddit account that matched his name and messaged it seeing if he had a backup for the message boards, but I guess in the transfer to CEVO or whoever bought out GotFrag (forgot who it was) almost everything was lost forever

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