Whose all playing GO?

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Whose all playing GO?

Post by british » July 2015

british_xtC` add me DMG

Side note miss the DoD community, hope everyone is doing well xx

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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by KTz » July 2015

I started 2 days ago. Then I noticed I can play DOD on my macbook now, and was disappointed that there is nobody playing.

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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by Mino » August 2015

Right here, and I don't have a rank, mainly because I only play ESEA.

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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by devin- » August 2015

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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by reddogg » August 2015

i'm eagle, i mostly solo queue or play with dgf

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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by stile » August 2015

i play!!


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Re: Whose all playing GO?

Post by nhoj » August 2015

I don't MM much but I believe my rank is DMG.
I have ESEA, but I'm not sure if I can play on NA servers, since I weren't able six months ago. (I guess it's my ping, ~100 to NYC servers)


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