CoD Black Ops 3

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CoD Black Ops 3

Post by kanguhhh » August 2015

Is anybody else playing the beta? It's definitely the best version of CoD since CoD4. Lots of fun. If you are playing it too hit me up on steam @ kanguhhh?!

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by Cage » August 2015

I know it's only beta but how well optimized is it?

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by nhoj » August 2015

I have only tried it out for five hours but from my minor experience with the game my biggest problem is the mouse sensitivity and control (on PC) is pretty awful and it doesn't feel you have any precision. This has been a problem for a long time and it's the one issue that stops me from buying the new games. The console is somewhat better.

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by twist » August 2015

installing today

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by devin- » August 2015

I put the game on high, and it still looks like shit?

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by bewton » August 2015

Yeah...not wasting my time on any more COD games. I find myself playing them 5 times and having no ambition to play again. Killstreaks and perks have gotten out of control and the games just seem so unbalanced. I guess I miss a more simple time in gaming mmmhhhmm I reckon so.

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Re: CoD Black Ops 3

Post by rdk » August 2015

+1 for bewton on that one.

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