DoD Epilogue

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Re: DoD Epilogue

Post by sevEN » December 2015

Nicholson wrote:
sevEN wrote:
Nicholson wrote:
Jstampz wrote:
TonyMontana wrote:Bunch of these nerds started cheating on a DoD Source team, well done. touché, I say.

I play League of Legends every now and then with EMachine, Marshall Drummins, Evlyn, Ghost Dog, Katsato, trance, Nicholson, and Mistadobalina.
[85th] Hybrid, I play League with em everyday and we've been playing nerd games and raging together for goin on 15 years now.

DoD is not dead I paid the website developer and still plan to re-revive DoD for no other reason than because I'm crazy-stupid as fuck.
LGL 2015.

I still see tenk's music videos on MuchMusic every now and then, I heard he started a really shitty home-renovation t.v show though I haven't seen it. Looks like things have gone downhill for him since the fall of DoD :lol:

How the fuck have you not been viciously beatin and murdered yet?


once banned cheater, friends with tony, bags on 17 year old kid who gets more pussy than you?

3 strikes sir. you're fucking out.

Handle: stamp
Team: ownage 101
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18676541
Start Date: Sep 23 2013
End Date: Oct 07 2016
Rule Violation: 7.4
Reason: Cheating in a TPG Match | Missing End Rounds

Handle: Stamp
Team: Like A Boss!
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:18676541
Start Date: Feb 08 2012
End Date: Feb 08 2013
Rule Violation: 7.7
Reason: Cheating Outside of TPG match

Thanks for comin' out Joey, stay angry

Does posting stamp's bans diss me or something? I'm kind of confused... either way, anyone who is cal banned, friends with tony, and makes fun of 17 yr olds that get more pussy than them are automatically beta phaggots to me.

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Re: DoD Epilogue

Post by analog » February 2016

woooooooooo i miss andrew olson can't find him on face book or whatever.

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