Farewell season?

Relax, lounge around, and find out who hacks.

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Re: Farewell season?

Post by devin- » February 2016

LoL Good ole fluxx if theres one thing we learned in the sealteam vent days, it was fluxx has dope freestyles and is a CAL-cs Forums warrior. Also at w2z 06 he brought all of Rated-X guys and Forsaken guys to his crib in coney island and had us lifted off what he called a dusted blunt. It was only after he said, "did you all taste that cocaine?" . The Coney Island Cyclone Trip

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Re: Farewell season?

Post by FLuXXuHH » February 2016

awww black hawk really got hurt in the feels glad ur farewell season took off, cute lil kid tho muahhh

Black Hawk
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Re: Farewell season?

Post by Black Hawk » February 2016

I didn't get hurt at all, I don't really care. I have a life outside of this game, I apologize if you don't..

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Re: Farewell season?

Post by Beas » February 2016

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Re: Farewell season?

Post by Jstampz » February 2016


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