DoD Cup for real Dinosaurs

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DoD Cup for real Dinosaurs

Post by czu » June 2017

Hello there!

NAB has become an organiser of upcoming DoD nostalgic event The Draft Cup by NAB*. It's about to start in two weeks(if we get all teams faster it may start earlier aswell). You can already register manually or let me know so I will sign you up(just pm me your SID to complete validation).

You can either bring your own team or sign up as free agent and team captains will draw you to their teams.

To get more specific info visit tournament panel right here: ... 96161/info

Thanks a lot! =)

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Re: DoD Cup for real Dinosaurs

Post by bngbosley » June 2017

Not sure why you would do it on July 4th weekend. You might get more teams having it another time.

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