Java CSGO Tournament - Sept 2-3 (Carrollton, TX)

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Java CSGO Tournament - Sept 2-3 (Carrollton, TX)

Post by Beas » August 2017

Anyone that lives close interested in going to this? I was looking for a team for this, but most are already filled up with 5. I guess I will just starting looking into finding 3 other people that want to play. Right now it's me and 1 other person that I found on the Facebook event page that was in the same boat as myself.

Also if anyone knows of anyone that might be interested, please link them this thread and they can add me on steam here.

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Re: Java CSGO Tournament - Sept 2-3 (Carrollton, TX)

Post by Itsamario » November 2017

I live like 10 minutes from there. Is there another LAN scheduled?

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