Dod:Source Night Cup - May 18/2019

Relax, lounge around, and find out who hacks.

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Dod:Source Night Cup - May 18/2019

Post by Nicholson » May 2019

Starts Saturday, May 18th, 2019 at 10PM Eastern!
Single Elimination.
Roughly 9 teams registered right now.
Somehow there's a roughly $350 prize pot for the winners.

I need 3-4 players if anyone is down/can play source half decently/is remotely interested.
Hit me up!

INB4 - Shit game/Nicholson is shit/Why source/ etc comments. Bring 'em all. My body is ready.


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Re: Dod:Source Night Cup - May 18/2019

Post by ComptonAssTony » May 2019

I would laugh but I know this is serious.

Good Luck!

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Re: Dod:Source Night Cup - May 18/2019

Post by squatta » May 2019

Shit game, op is trash, why source?

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