Days of War still alive

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Days of War still alive

Post by cassinoroyale » September 2019

Sup. My recent gaming gig brought me to Twitch Con San Diego and here I met the guys behind Days of War. The project is still ongoing and it's leaving beta state for a January 2020 release. I played a little bit of it and it looks solid although it looks and feel more MOH than DoD. In any case I invited them here so hopefully some dorks can provide more feedback. Miss you nerds.


PS: Thanks Ben Insane for the tip!
PS2: Scott Gordo is awesome.


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Re: Days of War still alive

Post by Shoolta » October 2019

go home bro with the fucking dbo´s

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Re: Days of War still alive

Post by img » February 2020

Man I purchased this shit show of a game played it twice and the servers were down forever and I moved on

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